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Last Will & Testament

A will provides basic protection for your loved ones and your assets.

With a will, you are able to:

Name a Guardian for Your Minor Children

Identify who you wish to raise your children if you are unable to do so.

Name Your Executor

Identify who will be responsible for settling your affairs when you die.

Distribute Your Assets

Determine who will get what and when they will receive it.

At My NP Advisor,

we can access attorney-guided software

 to help you build your Last Will & Testament and Trust documents.

This platform also provides...

Access To A Licensed Attorney From Your State

This attorney will help ensure your legacy plan is completed according to your specific state guidelines.

Secure Cloud Storage

This gives you access to your documents from anywhere while protecting them from loss through human error or physical events such as a flood or fire.

Sharing Capability

We make it easier to share legacy planning documents, allowing those you have included in your plan to access the document(s) they need when the time comes. It also assists you in encouraging your relatives to create their own legacy plan.

Professional Guidance

We will help you organize your information to produce your desired outcome.